UM Engagement: Claudine & Michael

It was fate that brought them together on a supposed-to-be normal, nondescript night at a bar in The Grove. Claudine and Michael, both students at University of Miami, had never crossed paths before. Until that very night. Ever since then, you could find Claudine and Michael, hand in hand, strolling the UM campus together. Sitting in the big, outdoor swinging booths at Rathskeller's on campus, eating their famous chicken fingers. Studying (or not). Tailgating and cheering loudly at Hurricanes games. And now, their separate journeys are merging.

Claudine and Michael are very special. They glow when they're with each other. They laugh and joke... a lot. It's easy to see that they both naturally bring out the best in each other, and it was an honor to get to spend so much time with them at their Alma Mater.

Claudine and Michael, best of luck to you both. I had the best time with you both and I couldn't have spent my Friday evening better! Love you both!







The picture on the right is totally spontaneous! There were group salsa classes on the Quad, and Michael and Claudine joined in and rocked it out!






It's all about the U, baby!


I just love this moment. Totally envelopes their relationship.


Um, Claudine... could you be more FIERCE?! Work it, girl!