'Tis the Season!

I had the amazing opportunity to kick off my holiday sessions by hanging out with a FABULOUS family that I know from my church, Crossway Church! Christmas is such an opportune (and terribly convenient)  time of year to stop and freeze time on your kids for awhile by taking yearly professional photos of them. They grow and develop so much during the year and it's fun to look at how much their personalities blossom within a year's time :) 

Speaking of personalities, these kids have it by the boatloads! I just adore seeing them every week. I can't wait to look at these pictures in a year and see the difference! 



Everybody, meet Rylan. He's the oldest of all three kids and is such a caring and SWEET big brother. 


Did I mention that these forest green eyes are going to make the ladies SWOON?!


Finley just overflows with fabulosity. She is a princess, a dancer, a model. She dreams big and has an incredible imagination... 

My heart smiles every time she calls out, "MISS EWIN!!"

Work it, girl!


Oh, Beckett. Your big blue eyes and mischievous smile had me from day one.


Say hello to the coolest parents in the world! f you want to train your children on how to smile for photos... take a class from these guys! :) In addition to being wonderful people in general, they are adorable together and compliment each other in every which way.



What a lovely family. Just delightful.

Just because we could, we dressed Beckett up in his Halloween costume. Is this not the cutest little crustacean you've ever seen?! I could just munch on him all day! Oh, those antennae just melt my heart.

I hope the start of the holidays is finding you well. Christmas is in 50something days! I am so excited to see what my other holiday sessions turn out to be like!

I love this family and I love what I do.