Benny + Sharon

There are people in life who are simply content all the time. Content with what life brings. Content to stay in the same house. Content to live the same way. And really, being content is a good thing. It's a commendable trait. However, being DISCONTENT for all the right reasons is just as remarkable.

Simply (and humbly) put, Benny and Sharon are a team of revolutionaries.  They are discontent in every positive way. Their aspirations, dreams, and passion for their personal education, ministries they are involved in, and city that they serve are so far and above what I could ever dream for myself. Once they complete a goal, they are on to the next thing... at 100 miles an hour. Before they were married, they were individually committed to helping people in whatever way they could. Now that they are a pair, there is NO stopping them. It is quite a remarkable thing to hear them passionately talk about the ways they want to impact their communities for the better. It's inspiring and brilliant, really.

Honestly, I was really honored to be able to spend time with Benny, Sharon and Sharon's mother Sayonara and brother Marcos for Christmas pictures this year. But I am more honored to be able to call them partners in ministry at our church, Crossway Church. 

And now.... the goods!!


After awhile, we brought in their little Chihuahua, Rico Suave. And would you believe it? He was in a SANTA SUIT. 


Can. Not. Stand. The. Cuteness.


After awhile, I stole Benny and Sharon away for some couple pictures!



Seriously Benny and Sharon, could you be more fabulous and fierce right now?!


Marcos and Sharon love each other so much. :) Marcos always has admiration in his eyes when he looks at his older sister. Rightly so - she's an amazing woman!

Benny and Sharon, you both are rock stars. And I love you both dearly. These photos don't do justice to how special you are to me! This was so fun and I can't wait to see your Christmas cards!!