DIY, anyone?!

At Christmastime last year, I'll admit I was little frustrated. It was our second Christmas in our house and to my delight, we got CHRISTMAS MAIL! Newsletters, postcards, pictures, you name it. While I absolutely love all the updates and adore exclaiming across the house to my husband, "OH MY GOSH!!! Look how cute this is!!!"... I had absolutely NOWHERE to put them. They all actually stacked up in my kitchen without a home. Why was I frustrated? Well, I wanted to see them out in the open and brag on all my beautiful friends and family when people came over! 

So, I took matters into my own hands - I started looking for Christmas card holders. After searching, I came to the conclusion that we probably wouldn't be able to display them like I wanted to. Christmas card holders are expensive, yo. Our budget for Christmas decorations was non-existant but... I WANTED SOMETHING TO HOLD MY CARDS. 

I went into Joann's and decided to just make them myself. I'm not a creative DIY-er by any means, but I thought I would share what I did with you!

(And also give you a Christmas tour of my house... and how to do in on the cheap!)


Christmas Card Holders! (the pictures are not necessarily in chronological order... my bad!)

Step 1: Go to your nearest craft store and buy a couple floral picks (show in the left picture), twine, and mini clothespins. Floral picks are AWESOME and cheap and there is a wide variety of them so there's something for everyone.

Step 2: Gather all your Christmas cards!


Step 3: Take a strand of twine and tie a bow around your floral pick to dress it up a little. Take a looooooong strand of twine and simply tie it around your floral pick, and let the rest hang down.

Step 4: Take your mini clothespins and get to clippin' those Christmas cards on your strand of twine!


Twine: $2.70

Clothespins: $1.99 (24 pack)

Christmas floral picks: ~$0.99 cents each

Total cost: About $7 with tax. 

Final product:

I LOVE mine and actually keep them up all year round. If you're super motivated, you can buy different floral pics for each time of year (but I'm not quite that ambitious!). This took me under 10 minutes to do and it was WAY cheaper and more personalized than anything I found out there!


Here's a couple more ideas I did this year! :)

I'm going to rave for a second on these cinnamon-scented ponderosa pinecones I found at Joann's (NOT in the same trip). For $4.99 you get 10 ginormous, yummy smelling pinecones that you can hide in and around your house to make it smell extra Christmas-y. I actually bought some faux snow and stuck them in a serving bowl on my coffee table!


This is something everyone can do. Go to your local Lowe's and head towards the Christmas tree tent. Ask the nice Lowe's guys for some leftover Christmas branches and make an arrangement for your dinner table! ABSOLUTELY FREE!! 

Since being pregnant, I have an acute, super-ninja sense of smell. I'm obsessed with having good smelling things in my home. Last year, I bought this candle from Yankee called "Home for Christmas". Oh my sweet baby Jesus. It smells like christmas trees and HOME all in the same whiff. I actually burn it so much that I'm down to the bitter end of my candle... and the worst part?! I can't find another one anywhere! It is just pathetic how much I adore this candle.


And now, my favorite ornament currently on my tree...

I don't know how, but my parents found this ornament and gave it to me and Jimmy for our newest little addition, who we have nicknamed "Peanut" from the very beginning. I wish we had a name picked out to share, but we don't yet. Still, I love looking at my tree and seeing her first ornament. Next year she will be with us! And I will probably have some babyproof Christmas ideas by then :)

I hope this holiday is treating you well. There are lots of things for me to blog, but I thought it was time to take a break and share some fun ideas!