Introducing: Adalyn Hope

Baby girls are so much fun. There's no way to explain it... they just ARE. I love the tutu's, bows, and flowers that you can just stick on them and they look adorable and feminine. Now that I'm having a baby girl, my radar is constantly on for cute, unique girly stuff. My new thing is striped leggings in all different colors. Today in Target, I actually did a sneaky detour while my husband was with me to the baby clothes section.  

"BLUE leggings with polka dots!" I exclaim, "And cream with pink stripes! HONEY!! WITH BOWS!!!" I fluttered around, picking up items and yelling out what they were... even though Jimmy was right next to me. I know I'm embarrassing. And I don't care. My loving husband is so patient and ever-so-tolerant of my severe cases of turrets when I see adorable things... especially things with attention to detail.

Attention to detail is something I appreciate SO MUCH, especially when clients take the time to make sure everything is well thought out and reflects them. Laura, Adalyn's mother, is a rock star when it comes to details. For instance, when I arrived at their lovely house in East Hollywood, they had already located a room with natural light and had it all set up for me. Props and cute details included. They made sure their outfits were well coordinated. It made our shoot run so smooth and it helped us maximize our time together. I really truly appreciate every effort clients make to personalize their time with me :)

Let's meet Adalyn!


Can I just say that I'm obsessed with this "A"? Obsessed. I can't wait to make one for my little one. 

(Funny side note here, because I like posting the nitty gritty details... Adalyn was getting fussy at this point, and I really wanted to get a picture of the "A" in the background. However, she definitely needed a passie. Laura left and came back with a pink one that matches perfectly and calmed Addy down. See? DETAILS, everyone!)

This little girl has beautiful, soulful eyes. I feel like she will be a deep thinker, and a sweetheart to all those around her. I can't wait to see her little personality blossom.

Boa? Yes, PLEASE!

Laura and Danny live in East Hollywood and thought it would be fun to sneak downtown for some family photos... so we headed to Young Circle and had some fun! They didn't need coaching at all. 

And then! The sun came out in all it's glory. I know flare isn't everyone's taste... but I adore it.



Laura is an absolutely radiant mom. The picture on the left is my favorite of the day :)

The light set a little and we went to Harrison Street to hang out a little... I'll leave you with this sweet, heart-warming daddy/daughter picture. I absolutely love reading Danny's tweets about how much he loves his girls and the little dates they go on. Makes my heart happy :)


Hugs and kisses to you, Slavich family. I couldn't have spent a Friday night better.