Fabulous Finds & Sneak Peeks!

Today was a win. A big win, in my opinion. My mom (who works at the same place) gave me a sweet V-day card with $10 in it. After work, I went to Target due to the fact that I needed some gifts. .. and I wanted to spend my ten dollahs. Little increments of cold, hard cash tends to burn a hole in my pocket. I think of a million things I can do with it.  I spend it on oh, little things. Nail polish. Hair products. Drinks from Tijuana Flats for the single purpose of having their crunchy ice (eee!). Snowballs.  Makeup. Menchies (for the love!). 

Today was a win because… I found two things that I have been searching for my whole life, but never knew what they looked like. THIS is what I spent my $10 on:

FAT HAIR thickening crème. 


 You always want what you can’t have. When I was younger, I used to have bright blonde, thick and wavy hair. I hated it. As I grew up, my hair calmed down. A lot. Which was fine… until the last 3 years when all I could ever ask for was thick, wavy hair! Sheesh. Demanding, eh? Well, in my journey for the last three years, I have been looking for such a thing as this to no avail… until now. This stuff is the bomb dot com. It literally thickens your hair from the roots and keeps the volume. It doesn’t make your hair look greasy, either!! And oh, can it be? It was on CLEARANCE for $5.64! Helloooo, waves. With little to no effort. This stuff jams. Hard.

Goody pressure-free handband with comfort-flex tips.

A headband that doesn’t make me want to throw it out the window. I have been wearing it for about two hours… and no headache from unbelievable pressure from a seemingly harmless, little contraption that is shaped like a U. HECK YEAH. It also has "R" and "L" on the inside to show you which way to put it on... didn't really need that, but extra points for effort, Goody!

See, I am a referral girl. I need to hear it, smell it, taste it, see it and confirm that I like it or else IT ISN’T GETTING IN MY CART. Or unless it’s super cheap and I can risk a dollar. Major win if both.  It usually must meet one of the two criteria. Because I know there are other people out there just like myself, I’m just shouting out what makes me excited.

I’ve been working on editing two shoots lately, but those deserve their own posts when they’re completely finished. Here are some sneak peeks…

Wanda & Nathanael's Wedding...

And the Rodriguez Family... featuring Matthew. His smile is to DIE FOR!

I love what I do.