Anytime: The Rodriguez Family

I have known Mark and Christine F O R E V E R. They were my junior high youth leaders at my former church, Grace. Since I'm now 21, that creates a little bit of history. I knew them before they had these adorable five children (who I will introduce you to in a minute).

Christine contacted me and asked if I would mind doing a newborn session for their newest addition: Michael! I was so stoked to do it. I had my good friend Casey (who happens to be their aunt) help me wrangle the kids together. It turned out to be so so so fun. The kids are so sweet, full of personality and ENERGY! Plus, they also have a gorgeous property in Southwest Ranches that I have been dying to do something with. Here's what I came up with. Enjoy!


Do you not want to just slurp him up?!



Here are Michael's proud brothers and sisters... they just LOVE him. They kept fighting on whoever could hold him :)

Matthew: Lover. Joyful. Rambunctious. LOVES to smile.

Sarah: Princess. Stubborn. Cute as a button. Breathtaking eyelashes.

Hannah: Loving. Sweet. Caring. Awesome big sister.

Noah: Determined. Confident. HUGE Gators fan. (I'll forgive you this time, bud... GO CANES!) ;)

These wound up being my favorites from the day. The light was soft and ethereal... and Christine is absolutely RADIANT.



Mark & Christine, I can't express how much joy I brought home with me after I spent time with these little rascals. They were so fun and cooperative :) I hope to work with you again! And even if not.... will you give me your backyard? Haha!

Hope this post find you well. If you like what you see, let me know! I have no clue if anyone reads this thing or not :)

Peace & love.