Where it all began...

Today, for no reason, I got a jolt of ambition to clean out my closet. Well actually, there is a small tiny reason. I went to Plato's and got some bargains. One shirt, two belts, and two pairs of shoes for $21. Now that I think about it, my primary ambition was to clean out my closet... to accommodate more shoes. I know, I know. Lame, right??!

Well, I started with my shoes... then worked my way up to clothes, purses, etc. I found a memory box and decided to peek in it. It contains all letters and cards Jimmy has ever given to me, tickets to plays, dried roses, pictures from my childhood and then another thing that was buried underneath everything else:

My first camera. EVER.



Oh yes. My HP 3.1 megapixel point and shoot in all its glory. My parents bought it for me for Christmas one year. Now that I look back, the image quality was terrible, it was beat up, dropped, and the shutter speed was slow, but I loved it. This is where my love for taking pictures all began.

I would tuck this away in my purse at all times and take pictures of everything! The thing I loved most was to go to local shows and take pictures for the bands. This is eventually how I met my husband (a story for another day). See how beat up it is? That's probably from standing on the sidelines at a hardcore show when everyone was dancing. My camera would get whacked all the time, but it held strong! 

Here are some photos that it took :)

Theory of Us

I don't remember what this band was... but this was a crowd shot? 

My husband will kill me for this... but this is him - even before we were dating! Don't you love the sideburns? I sure did!


I know the picture quality sucked. The coloring? Terrible. We can all see this. However, the joy and passion that came from owning this camera will never ever have a price tag. It's what got me started... and something sparked.

I'll be forever grateful to this little silver camera and my parents for getting it for me. It changed my life and gave me a dream. A dream that is starting to become a little more real everyday.