Way before I ever invested in a Nikon DSLR, my love for photography grew primarily on film cameras. I don’t know why I chose to buy a Nikon EM camera on eBay.  Maybe it was the fact that it was super cheap and it included the lens (I do love a good bargain). Honestly, it was probably an urge to get out of the rut of the ordinary and try something new. Whatever it was, it was a good thing.

To be quite honest with you, I shoot film to relax. There’s no LCD screen to view, critique, and then adjust your settings. It’s all guesswork at first, because you never know if you’re doing it right. However, once you find the magic sequence of dials and expose correctly, it’s MAGIC. It’s been a cool experiment whenever I pick a film camera up. Especially when you start using slide film and give cross-processing a go. I haven’t had much success with Xpro lately, but one of my good friends has. Check out Ryan Collman’s latest uploads… INCREDIBLE.

Not many people shoot film anymore, which is so tragic to me. I feel that it takes so much talent to get it to work properly that many people don’t want to bother anymore. I don’t think I personally will ever get film technically right… but that’s OK with me. 

One film photographer’s work I thoroughly enjoy is Jose Villa. He shoots entire weddings in film and the pictures he gets from the lab are flawless, and don’t require much editing work afterwards.


These pictures are all taken within the last year on my Canon AE-1 and Nikon EM. Enjoy!



And I will end with a picture of Kilwins.... only because I'm CRAVING their Banana Fudge Pie ice cream right now. 

I love film... more than I love Kilwin's. And that's ALOT.