married: Justin + Javiera

Justin and Pepa (his nickname for her) met a long time ago. In youth group. She was 16, he was in his 20's. A little out of Pepa's reach at the time. She though he was cute... but never though that much of it. It wasn't until a few years down that road when Justin's sister Casey, her boyfriend Jeff, Pepa, and Justin started hanging out all the time that Pepa slowly started catching Justin's eye. The rest is history...

On the morning of the wedding day, I went to meet Pepa and her girls at Drew James salon. Before meeting them, I checked the news for the weather... and I saw the most horrific thing on the news. You see, Pepa is originally from Chile, where she grew up. She came over to the USA in her teens, but her family remained. Early that morning, the morning she was going to get married, an 8.8 earthquake pounded and shook Chile and its citizens. In the exact town where her family resides. Needless to say, the morning was an emotional rollercoaster as she heard back bit by bit from her family down there. Eventually, she got that everyone was fine... and the wedding day continued with smiles, laughter, and relief.

Justin and Pepa were surrounded by their closest friends and family on their day... and that's all a couple can really ask for. In an intimate setting, their sweet family and friends cheered Justin and Pepa on as they became one.

Thank you so much for choosing me to shoot your wedding. My first official wedding. Your flexibility and confidence in me was so encouraging. You two rock my world! 



The beading on Pepa's dress was to die for!


Getting ready with these girls was too funny. I loved all the hustle and bustle :)


Pepa's aunt is like her mother in the US. Her real mother is still in Chile. These two are very close.


At the ceremony, her brother walked her down the aisle :)



THIS is where it gets good. The ceremony ended right at the time where the sun was just about to set... and I snuck Justin and Pepa outside, across the street from the church where there were white fences, trees, and a beautiful field. 


Can I just say that I love when my clients have some G in them. Break it down!!

p.s. I'm a butt grabber. So I totally appreciate the picture on the right.

Did I mention Justin was 6 feet tall... and Pepa is 4'11?

The bottom picture is my 2nd favorite. Eventually, they became so unaware of me while I was shooting because it was the first time they were alone... and MARRIED at the same time. I love this capture.

And now for my FAVE...




I hope you all enjoyed this. I'm trying to put together a gallery of all my favorite images I've taken, but it's so hard!! I need feedback please :)

Hope this finds you all well.



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