anytime: Lauren Suarez

I was contacted to do Lauren's quinceanera pictures a few months ago, and here we are, already in April. Time flies so fast! I met this family together for the first time at the shoot. Their warmth and love for each other was so apparent. Even though this shoot was primarily for Lauren, I couldn't help but squeeze them in, too! 

Lauren wore the most fabulous dress E V E R. Would you believe her grandmother made it??! The fuschia against her rosy skin was such a good choice. Throw a metallic shoe in there and I'm in love. 

Did I mention Lauren has the biggest and most confident smile in the world? 


And GORGEOUS liquid eyes I could shoot all day.


We walked near a bank with slate grey panels. When Lauren walked by, I made her stop! I love the contrasting colors :) It's one of my fav color combos!

Helloooooo lashes...

My favorite shot of the day...

Hangin' with these girls made me miss my own sisters. They kept debating about who's taller. Welcome to my life. 

A photographer I follow named Zac Wolf did a family shoot awhile back here and in turn, that inspired this shot. I did my own spin here:

I how Yeilany (the mom) exclaimed after this shot, "I haven't kissed my husband in public this much since my wedding!" Yeaaaaah that's right, girl. I get real comfy around my clients  :) 

All in all, I loved this shoot so much! Not only did it make me want to go out and buy a fuschia dress, it made me love what I do even more. I love when my clients come in relaxed and ready for anything. It turns out so well and I'm thankful for their trust. Even though I sometimes jump around like a maniac and tell lame bar jokes... it still turns out alright. 

Although, I did learn the joke of the century that day. I was attempting to tell jokes behind my camera... yanno, the "Sooo a polar bear walks into a bar..." and when I was finished, Kristen all busted out with, "Comic Sans walks into a bar. The bartender turns around and says, 'Get outta here. We don't sure your TYPE here!"

... epic.