On Sunday afternoon, Jimmy and I went up to Deerfield Beach to celebrate my niece Keira's 4th birthday. She is HILARIOUS. She was buzzing all around the house with girly excitement. We let her open her present early because I would have to leave soon to do a shoot in Boca (which will be blogged soon!). As soon as she heard I had my camera, I heard the question that I always hear when she knows I have it around.

"Aunt Erin, can we go outside and you take a picture of me?"

"I don't know Keira, I have to leave soon..."

"Just one. I promise!!!!"

Oh she knows how to get me. We went outside and took pictures. This girl has my heart and she knows it! She also knows exactly what she wants. I asked her to face me, and she totally ignored me and turned around and gave me this pose!

She is such a model! (look how serious she is about this! love it!)


I just love how she has her own style. It totally reflects her free spirit. Bright green beads, purple polish, and a fabulous birthday hat. What's not to love?

She's also a budding photographer. No, really. She's incredible! Her main motivation when she asks me to take pictures after she's tired of modeling is to take pictures of me. Yesterday, she begged me to let her use my camera. I showed her how it worked, and here's the result!



I love how we understand each other already, even though we're 18 years apart. I love your wild and carefree spirit that gets you into trouble sometimes. I love that you're clumsy, just like me. I love that you love hard. I pray for your future constantly. God has made you into a beautiful, strong-willed creature and he is going to use you in so many ways. I can't wait to teach you more about photography so we can go shooting together :) I love you to pieces! 

Happy happy birthday, Special K!

Aunt Erin