Lauren soon-to-be Collman!

This morning, I trekked up to Delray Beach to celebrate (and photograph) my lovely friend Lauren Basye's bridal shower. If you're familier with my flickr , this is the same Lauren and Ryan that I photographed here:

I love bridal showers. Everything is new and exciting about starting your first home. I was sharing with someone later in the day how I never ever really took the time to research the things I registered for when I was getting married because I barely cooked and knew my way around a kitchen. I never put together what was necessary. Looking back, I would have registered totally different! I probably would have put more cute, personalized things. Better quality, too. My bad.

Fortunately, Lauren has lived on her own up in a UCF dorm for a couple years and was ready for some quality home goods. She was showered with love, gifts, and advice all morning long. I've also never heard the words, "This is awesome!" as much as I have heard it today. :) I'm looking forward to Ryan and Lo's wedding 4th of July weekend!

First off the dessert table was scrumptious. And the tea was a perfect nod to what Lauren loves.

Did I mention that this house had incredible natural light pouring through the windows? 

Lauren was asked to share some funny stories about their relationship... and then her mother took a turn and spoke highly of Ryan and Lauren's relationship and why they were meant to be together. She spoke so eloquently! 

Gift time! The perfect glass container for Lauren's "perfect sweet tea", according to Ryan.


Lauren with her "Mothers" :)

 (for some reason, squarespace won't let me delete this question mark. lame.)

Here are Lauren and her friends from Calvary!

OK. I only put this picture up here to prove a point: Photographers may take good photographs, but that doesn't mean they photograph well themselves. WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING??

Can I just tell you.... these sisters are ultra fabulous. I love each and every one of their outfits. Plus, they're all stinkin' GORGEOUS.

Lauren and her mom! I think this is adorable.


I just love this girl. Lauren, you're going to rock as a wife. You're so much more ahead of me than I was at this stage in life. We better use some of those ultra sweet chinese dishes next time I come over.

Love and best wishes,