the best day

It's days like this that make me thankful for my life. All that really happened was Jimmy and I went to the beach. Simple as that. The sun, the sparkling water, and the warm sand comfort me. Sometimes I sit back and can't believe that I live in paradise and people actually VACATION here. I have been trying to take advantage of the beach as much as possible.

Jimmy and I went to the beach around 11 and stayed until 1:30. We soaked up the sun, played in the water, talked a bunch, and Jimmy read while I layed out. After leaving, we drove around, intending to leave, and then drove up to Dania Beach just to scout around. We stumbled upon a wonderful restaurant on the Dania Pier and had lunch there on the balcony overlooking the ocean. We had the best time and the food was delish. I whipped out my phone and snapped some pictures so I would never forget this.

Our stunning view...

Everything was right about today. And I'm writing this for myself - to remember that simple things that don't cost any money can make a day right. Books, sand, the ocean, and the love I have with an incredible man is all it takes.



Thank you. Thank you for coming to the beach and walking sandbars with me. Thank you for always setting up the umbrella. Thank you for inventing "Lazy Wednesdays" where we do stuff like this, completely unaware of what time it is. You are my one and only, my "person" (according to Grey's Anatomy) and I think the world of you. It's days like today where I look at you and appreciate your kindness and your willingness to do whatever comes our way. Your easygoing spirit captivated me from the beginning, six years ago this month, and it still surprises and captivates me even more today. I love you, Hub.