ikea = love

Can I just tell you something? My husband and I are addicted to Ikea. When we go, we go for hours. and hours. The shortest span of time we've ever gone is 1.5 hours. Longest? FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. We always pick things up and visualize it in our beautiful single family brick home with a porch, pool, and yellow or red door.... that we don't own. Not yet anyway. But the fact of the matter is that we love cheap stuff. Cheap stuff that makes us look way cooler than we really are. And Ikea serves that purpose perfectly.

This time, we brought Jimmy's film camera and tried out some new Astia film. Oh my. How I love film so much (as you already know). This stuff is legit and is able to be cross-processed, if the lab will allow it. Unfortunately, CVS has some notion that it will ruin the chemicals. To combat the CVS employees shoving the film back into our palms and telling us to go elsewhere, we have resorted to scratching off the little words that say "E-6"processing with our keys so it looks like beat-up film that we bought on eBay. I know, I know. You gotta do what you gotta do!

The result came out suuuuuper red.... and I LOVE it. So interesting and different!


I freaked when I saw how the Ikea store map turned purple. LOVE!


Sidenote #1: My husband loves books. Surprise, surprise. It's his dream (and MINE for him) to own and get a library stocked with Billy bookcases that wrap around corners filled with books and odds & ends. Ikea recently put up a bunch of variations to the Billy bookcases and Jimmy was hooked.

Sidenote #2: IS THE PICTURE ON THE RIGHT NOT AWESOME?!?!?! I had no idea it would come out so stinkin' cool.

The rest are from Jimmy. I post these because I love to brag. And also because my husband's photography inspires me. Also because I want to remember this day forever. 


The precision of the focusing on the script. The natural red vignette. Be still, my heart! (FAVE)

(We finished up a roll of film just to shoot the Astia. :)


My life rules.