Gospel Boot Camp

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of auditing the Gospel Boot Camp. You may be thinking to yourself, “Gospel Boot Camp?!? What is that?”

Why, thanks for asking!

The Gospel Boot Camp is a 2-day seminar, sponsored by The Church Planting Network (TCPN). It is dedicated to bringing men (pastors, worship pastors, etc) together to teach them how to present the gospel in a clear, sequential, concise way. My husband, Jimmy, and our head pastor at Crossway Church, Jon, have both been through this training. It is taught and hosted by Dr. David Nicholas, former head pastor of Spanish River Church.  He stepped down from head pastor and now spends his time educating and discipling young pastors. I was asked to do some promo shots for their website and also some headshots of Dr. Nicholas.

One thing I personally think is wonderful is the whole seminar is hosted in the beautiful Nicholas home in Boca Raton.  Dr. Nicholas’ wife, Nori, makes everyone dinner and is most definitely the hostess with the mostess.

If you know Dr. Nicholas and spend a lot of time with him, you see this stretch often. :)

Eventually, the guys are assigned a scripture and are told they must take that scripture and tie it into the gospel story. They have 7 minutes to do a full gospel presentation/sermon.

Dr. Nicholas and Nori both listen, and at the end, Dr. Nicholas gives his critique. (No pressure there!)

Once we hit a break, we were on to the portraits! Most are pretty standard so I won't include them, but this one in particular has a great story. After many years at Spanish River, the congregation (I believe) had these action figures of David and Nori made... even including their dog, Zippity. HOW GREAT IS THIS? I couldn't stop saying how fabulous that was. Dr. Nicholas clearly enjoyed the fact that I wasn't a stiff audience. Oh, me.

I also couldn't get enough of Nori and Zippity.

Nori, you're radiant.


I wanted to take Zippity home. :(

What a refreshing time. I learned a lot. 

Hope this find you well.