Peter Charles Gossett

There is just something about soft, warm, wrinkly baby skin. Sometimes I forget what a pleasure it is to hold a sweet little powdery baby, especially if it's only on occasion (because I've never had one). I was honored to spend time with Brittany and Tim and their new little addition, Peter Charles.

Names are so important. And really, with a name like Peter Charles, he will be a CEO and will kick butt on the playground. He will probably wear Calvin Klein every day. Oh, and make ladies swoon. He already started on me, with blowing little baby bubbles and cooing little sweet nothings while I was shooting. 

I could just slurp him up.


Oh dear Lord. Baby feet!!!! :)


Tim came home for lunch, and I was able to catch this sweet hello.


Inventions these days. This bear was crucial to my shoot. Apparently, whenever bumped, this bear starts producing this "white noise" sound that's supposed to be similar to what babies listen to in the womb. When Peter get fussy or restless, it goes off and calms Peter down. BRILLIANT! When Peter got panicky because Brittany left the room, I turned it on and he was golden. I'm so sneaky.

Twins! :)

There's just something boyish and mischievous about fathers and sons. 


After Tim left, Brittany and I took Peter out in the backyard for some final pictures. Brittany is an incredible mom and makes everything look so easy. I know that I speak for all the other women who know her when I say that she the prime example of class... and she is such a lady in her mannerisms!

Would you believe it? It was 96* at least and Peter FELL ASLEEP LIKE A LITTLE OLD MAN. Poor guy. He's still so adorable though. 



Probably my favorite of the day. Brittany's lashes and facial bone structure are INCREDIBLE.


Tim and Brittany, thank you for letting me into your lives for a little while. You two rock at parenthood and I am honored to be a part of showcasing Peter to the world! 



p.s. - Happy 1st Father's Day, Tim! :)