things i love

The truth of the matter is, I am slightly obsessive about new, fresh things I see. Whenever something is super cheap, simple, functional, stylish, fun, easy, etc... I am ALL OVER IT. And I tell everyone I know about it whether they want to hear it or not. I'll actually try and find some way to work it into the conversation because I just love sharing good information. I like to add sparkle and excitement to the discussion. Also, because I think I'm pretty boring. Ha!


I thought it would be fun to start throwing my current raves out there. Just because I think they're rad and should be shared.


1. McCormick Recipe Inspirations

Desperation led me to this. Here's my confession to you: I cook probably 5 recipes. No, really. To give you a little background, my husband is a finicky eater. Nothing wrong with that. However, because of that fact, I rarely venture out and try new recipes for fear that he won't like it and I'll have wasted money on ingredients I get stuck with... forever (I'm so dramatic). Well, one day, my husband REQUESTS that I make something new. Probably because I have made ranch chicken one too many times. Too too many times. I probably looked at him like he was sporting a third eyeball.

So, I fear the next grocery trip. I dragged my cart dreadfully slow, agonizing the impossible. What am I going to cook? What will he even like? I hate this I hate this I hate this. 

And suddenly, a halo appeared over this handy dandy little packet in the spice aisle. You see, this packet has a recipe with PRE-MEASURED spices, only requiring me to purchase olive oil, chicken, and potatoes. Little to no commitment? I'll take it! To put it lightly, it was a hit. McCormick also has these packets for garlic lime chicken fajitas, among others. Definitely worth the $2.50 (especially if you're a "young married" and are in a similar situation).


2. Rumples Wiggin' Shrek Nail Polish

In honor of Shrek 4 coming out, OPI put out some Shrek-inspired colors! A dear friend of mine bought me "Rumples Wiggin'", the light purple. And I am in lurrrrve. 

I am always looking for pretty spring colors. I love the light blue, but since I work in a more professional environment, I probably couldn't get away with wearing that. However, I'm sporting the light purple now and I've gotten so many compliments! So funky, yet feminine! 



3. Mountain Dew

Oh, for the love. I haven't sipped this in 3 years after seeing the amount of sugar intake, but the other night I got a hankerin' for it. I actually had Jimmy drive to CVS yesterday AT MIDNIGHT to get me one, because the "need" overtook me. I poured it over a tall cup of ice and reveled in it. No, I'm not pregnant. Trust me. This is just me not having self control. 


4. CHEAP Theater Tickets

Yes, I said it. Cheap. For good seats! My friend Gaby shared this with me. If you go to Broward Center for the Performing Arts before any given performance, they sell their tickets for the remaining seats for $20 apiece. All you do is go to the box office 2 hours prior to the performance, and you ask for "Student Rush" tickets. They show you a seating chart, and you pick your seats! My friend got ORCHESTRA seating for Mary Poppins for $20... waaaay cheaper than what everyone else paid (~$150). Take my advice and go get yourself some culture... for next to nothing!



Mm mm mm. I love me some inspiration. I am constantly reinventing my house and seeing what new cool things I can put in it. This website is my go-to for space-saving, innovative ideas that make me look cooler than I really am. I could spend hours on this site, just looking at different organizational ideas. 

This is my favorite idea thus far. I am going to start thrifting at local my local Goodwill to develop this idea. 

My favorite color combo this season is yellow and grey, so I'm all over this look. A white chandelier? Be still, my heart! I also love the industrial look of the filing cabinet. Who would've thought something so practical would look so cool in the right environment? 


So, I have to ask... what inspires you guys??? Do you have cool websites or deals I should be checking out? Share, share, share!!