Dear _______________,


The last few days have flown by. Since Monday at 5:45pm, my mind has been going 100mph with worrying, hoping, praying.

The story is, you've been giving me dull, achy crampy pain in my pelvic area for about a week now. Kind of like PMS, but you don't go away. At all. I researched online at WebMD to plug in my symptoms all everything that came up was serious diseases (and PMS). So, to rule it out, I took a test yesterday. You know, a pregnancy test. Just to rule it out (because I have thought I've been pregnant 3x before... all negative). So in all reality, this was normal. I took the test, went to go kiss your dad, and returned in less than 20 seconds to check. 

Plain as day: Pregnant. 

I stared. Speechless. Shocked. I took the test and went into the kitchen and silently showed your dad, whose eyes got wide like saucers and he smiled. "Make the appointment!", he said. We've been through this before.

I've been a nervous wreck all day. 

At the office with the nurse, she asked me why I was there. "Well, I got a positive test...", I said. "I knew it! I knew it!", she exclaims, while taking my blood pressure. While waiting in the exam room, the physician's assistant walks in, greets me, and plops down 3 types of pre-natal vitamin samples. She starts explaining the differences, but all the words stuck together like mud. When Dr. Spalding came in she smiled and said, "Well! I believe a congratulations is in order!" She starts ticking off the things not to do, I asked a few questions and she asked me to explain my symptoms. I start rambling.

"Well, I got a tetanus shot last Monday and my arm reaaaaally hurt. The next day, I had to go home from work an hour early because I had these really awful crampy pains, and I had to go lay down for awhile. They haven't ceased for a week now and I wrote it off as a symptom to the tetanus shot. Finally, I finally took a test a week later to rule pregnancy out. And wha-lah... it was positive!"

She smiles. Up until this point, nothing anyone said had hit me yet until she said, "Well, cramps are extremely normal. I mean, your uterus is growing... and your body's not used to that!"

Everything snapped into place and my mind is racing. WHAT?!! MY UTERUS IS GROWING?! LIKE WITH A BABY?? HOLY CRAP!!! 

I look at Jimmy and he's smiling like a champ. Dr. Spalding leaves the room, saying for me to make a 3 week appointment for my first ultrasound. Again, HOLY CRAP!!!! We stay an extra minute, and Jimmy comes and envelopes me in a hug.

"Praise God.", he whispers. 



I'm so thankful I'm on this journey with him. What a calming presence he is to me. And an encouragement when I have my moments of fear.

I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions right now and I'm formulating ideas on how to break the news about you to our parents. I'm having a terrible time keeping the secret, but I can't wait to surprise everybody. My parents will be grandparents for the first time :) What a gift you will be to them!

I can't wait 'til I actually see you with my eyes in three weeks, peanut :) 

Here's to a new adventure!

Erin (Mom?!)