birthdays & butterflies

Birthdays are my favorite days. In fact, I make the week of my birthday "Birthday Week", so I can lengthen the celebration. The only one who really abides by my extended birthday (and really has to) is my husband. He humors me. Oh honey! I don't feel like cooking tonight.... I'm thinking Chinese. Pleeease? It's birthday week, after all! 

I love the idea of family getting together, ice cream cake, pizza, lots of birthday attention, and needless to say... PRESENTS! Most of the time when my family gets together, I'm always the one to suggest we finish dinner and get the show on the road so we can get to ripping open those brightly wrapped boxes. My family actually makes fun of me for it. Honestly, we all know I'm SAYING what everyone is THINKING. Right guys? ... Right? Is this thing on? 

Anyways, I was able to shoot a birthday "Anytime" session for a very special girl named Jordan. She turned 7 on June 30th and she is a girl who loves butterflies. In fact, we did her birthday session at Butterfly World in Pompano!

Before I get into this, I would really love to commend Jordan's mom, Michele. I suggested that she bring any items that shouts "Jordan" and exudes her personality. She did SUCH a wonderful job coordinating outfits and cute little details. Thanks, Michele! The beautiful wings were so appropriate for our location :)


She fits right in :)



After a quick outfit change into something more casual... we went butterfly hunting! Michele was a great help. I even got to hold on on my finger! Soooo cool.


Look what Jordan has! (I can't believe I actually got the focus to be so nice on the butterfly's body). I. love. this. picture. Jordan was SO EXCITED to hold a butterfly. Admittedly, I was, too!


Probably my favorite. Her pose seems so timeless to me!



This girl would not put her butterfly guide down. Her favorite butterfly is the Purple King. 

This is Jordan's younger brother, Jackson. He was having a great time, too!




Thank you for helping me remember what it's like to be struck with wonder over beautiful creatures. You are going to have a fabulous year and I hope you don't forget the feelings you had over the butterflies you love so much. Here's to you!