August has been too busy for my liking. Lots of deadlines and projects and no time left. I blame it partially on myself, as I have the tendency to over-commit, but on the other hand, it keeps life exciting. Sorry for the lack of pictures but unfortunately, my camera has been in the shop since late June. However, I recently got it back! So hopefully things will pick up around here. :)

The big announcement is... I am now booking picture sessions for the holidays! I am starting WAY early this year because last year, I was still getting calls into the second week of December for Christmas pictures. With the late session and the turn around time for processing, this put everyone into a huge time crunch. Not doing that again.

So, here's the DL for this year:


  • Christmas sessions are the same price as a regular session with me ($200) and will probably last an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how things go!
  • Bring Christmas outfits, some props, and a regular change of clothes. You'll walk away with pictures fit for a Christmas card and also some regular individual portraits for the rest of the year. Sort of a two-fer. You'll be glad you did :)
  • P.S. - Who wants to display Christmas pictures on Facebook all year round when you can also have a small variety of pictures that you can whip out for cards, end of year pictures, birthday pictures, etc? Exactly!
  • Please keep in mind: I will only be booking myself up until Thanksgiving weekend! I have a lot of commitments this Fall and space is EXTREMELY limited. 


If you want to book a date, email me at: 

And just because posts are boring without pictures... I'll throw up some Christmas pictures I had the privilege of taking last year :)