Labor Day: Revisited!

Oh, Labor Day. How I look forward to you every year. I get a break from work, school, AND I get paid. And usually I do the opposite of labor - I sleep in and revel in laziness. It's a beautiful thing.

This Labor Day, I woke up super early to make my husband pancakes. This man LOVES breakfast. Probably more than anything in the world. He was surprised and it set a nice, relaxed tone for the day. Honestly, I will admit... I did make an effort to be productive yesterday because I have been so behind with a lot of things. I got a lot done and I was happy. But really, nothing will top last year's Labor Day. And today, I'd like to spend some time remembering it. 

Last Labor Day, I met up with a few brilliant girls to do a "no-pressure-no-rules-let's-just-have-fun" photo shoot. We, the photographers, had been consumed with different shoots and just wanted to let loose without feeling the pressure of having to perform. So, we grabbed our beautiful friend Kendra, found a field, and had at it. This is where I learned all about exposure and how to shoot manually. Honestly, I doubt I would have had the time to figure it out properly if I didn't make time to fail at it. Again. And again. And again... until I got it right. :) I learned a lot and I'm grateful for the time with these girls. They're all in college now taking over the world. And I'm proud to say I know them. This day was the day I took some of my personal favorite photos that I've ever taken.


Hello Beca :)


Hello Gus :)


Seriously, Kendra is stinkin' gorgeous.



Kasey being fab, per usual.



Augusta and Beca workin' their magic :)


Finally, the sun came out. Ohh lordy, I love me some light!!!




This was good. Very good.