Seniors : Luke

Sometimes, the stars just align and things go right for me...

Wait. I just wrote that on my last blog with Melinda. Allow me to start over:


Sometimes, you just gotta improvise last minute. I know, I know. Not quite the beginning you were looking for, right? Well, on this particular occasion, we had set a location: downtown Pompano Beach. And we were going to gun for that around 4pm. Until my beloved and sweet mother in law (who lives in Pompano) informed me that there was major construction going on and it would be way less than beautiful in the shots.

Um. What?

It was 3:30.

Of course. My life.

Luckily, she gave me some bad news followed by good news... Lauderdale by the Sea is beautiful, Erin! Why don't you try that? The only major drawback is that I had never been there before... and it was over a 20 minute drive. Light was dying slowly. I packed up Luke, his mother Serena, and the rest of the fam and we set out for Lauderdale by the Sea. All this to say...

Sometimes, just sometimes, the stars just align and things go really really right for me. Unexpectedly. And I love that.

Luke is a very accomplished pianist and plans to go to college for it. He needed some photos of him by his instrument to go along with his applications. I tried to get him to rock the "I'm a WAY serious student and I could beat all of your talent into the ground" face. But in all reality, he's a gracious and smiley pianist. And he just couldn't do it - which (of course) turned out better. Some people just know how to work it all by themselves.



While exploring LBTS, me and Luke found this awesome wall. Since he was in formalwear, I asked him if he would like to change. "What?! Let's just try it." I love an adventurous person. And it produced my favorite FAVORITE photo (right).



I got a shot of a few family members as well. Internet, meet Zack (right).


And Mike and Serena (WORK IT, GIRL). And Katie. 


Merry Christmas to you. - Love, the Ferraguti's.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!! - Love, The Real Ferraguti's.


The above photo rests my case that candid and funny photos are way more fun and memorable. I love this family, and I loved the challenge the location brought. It ended up swinging my way.




*By the way, Ferraguti's... you owe me big time for CHANGING YOUR LIFE. You know, by suggesting the BurgerFi key lime pie concrete shake while you waited for me and Luke. You're welcome ;)