Spring cleaning in the Winter.

It's official - my iPhone hates me. Three weeks ago, I had to clean out my entire phone (photos, apps, videos - everything) because I had reaches it's maximum capacity. I reduced my picture count from over 1,200 to 650. I deleted WAY too many apps that I love (like Cut the Rope - have you ever played that game?! It's ADDICTING). I backed everything up to my external, but I felt like a piece of my heart was gone. I L O V E scrolling through my random pictures when I'm bored at a doctor's office, bored on the couch, bored... you get the idea.

Today, it happened AGAIN. What the what!? I don't know how in the world I re-used that much space... but it happened again. SO frustrating. Again, I went through my pictures and deleted what I could. 

I couldn't help but notice that I take pictures of REALLY random things. I do it because in those moments of boredom, I get a kick out of the random things I see. And today, I'm sharing some with you :)


Have you ever seen an Asian man's bellybutton? Well, now you have. (Coming back from NYC)UM game with my mom, my dad, and my sister. I actually wasn't in this picture because I was in the bathroom... so I have no clue how that hobo with the sunglasses got in there.

Far away capture of me speaking at the ACAAI conference on how to use social media and web developement to your medical practice's advantage.I didn't correct them.

My crushed ice addiction while I was pregnant.

This is me, doing Chris and Natasha's engagement shoot 38 weeks pregnant. Oy.

My last day at the ocean before Rowan. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I still can't believe I live in paradise!