Senior Portraits

It’s that time of year! It’s graduation season and our June calendar is FULL with grad parties and celebrations. I absolutely love celebrating educational accomplishments. Having an education is so important – and such a privilege – that any mile marker should be celebrated. That, and let’s just be honest… I just love to party.

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some senior portraits for a few beautiful girls I’m honored to know. Not only are they beautiful outwardly, but they have beautiful hearts, too. :)



Andrea LOVES Harry Potter, music, and she is a FIERCE soccer player.  I love her relaxed sense of style.

She’s so adventurous, too! Her sweet mother homeschooled her and they have a great relationship. Her mother was actually in ENGLAND during the Royal Wedding!! What the what?!?! She wasn’t in London, but imagine the electric excitement among the citizens! I probably made an idiot of myself talking about it. Thankfully, she humored me.

Andrea is attending Broward College this fall. Her photoshoot was a breeze and we had SUCH an awesome time. (P.S. - Can you see my in her eye in the last picture? :])



Katie is smart. Like, hyper-smart. Edges on the border of brilliant.

She is graduating high school this year, but she has already been in college for quite awhile at Miami Dade College and will be soon transferring to Florida International University.

Her passion is teaching English to exchange students and she actually has already started tutoring other students to read in the meantime. She is witty and has a stunning smile… what more could you want?! (Sorry to burst your bubble guys, she’s already unofficially taken. By Roberto.)



Tori is seriously one of the funniest people I know. I am so blessed to have her in my life because I know I’m going to live a good, long time if laughter truly is medicine.

She is an accomplished pianist, loves children, and neon pink nail polish.  She also adores her nieces and nephews and treats them all like they are her favorite. :) She has a beautiful heart for missions.

She also shares my guilty pleasure of watching Swamp People and Real Policewomen of Broward County. She graduated high school, and is attending Florida Atlantic University this fall to study Criminal Justice. 



Kelsey is one of my favorite people in the world. We have the same music taste and have the same sense of humor. She is one of those people you rarely find in life where you can look at them, think the same thing, and burst out laughing. 

She has a beautiful, compassionate heart and has an impeccable sense of style.Not only that, but she is an artist and creates the most innovative things! She is attending Broward College this fall and I’m lucky to know her… and even luckier to have her as a sister. :) (My baby sister. IN COLLEGE. Can I just shed a tear here?!)



All of these young ladies are near and dear to my heart... good luck in college, girls! It was MY HONOR to be able to capture you in your final moments in high school. XOXO