Newly Born: Jack Orr

People say you forget how little and tiny they are, and I used to never believe them before I had a baby... but it's totally true. Rowan is now three months old. THREE. MONTHS. OLD. Although I'm still a new mom and Rowan really isn't that old, I was surprised to be completely enamored with his little frame and new baby smell because of the time that has passed already. 

I was so excited to do little Jack's newborns. He was such a good and content baby :) One thing I really appreciate before a shoot like this is preparedness and organization. Babies have such a short window of time where they're fed, changed, and content that everyone needs to be on their toes. John and Heather had things around their house they knew they wanted to use, and he was happy and fed within minutes of me getting there. This allowed us to maximize our time together and we were able to get some beautiful portraits of this little guy within an hour.


Jack's daddy is a pilot... perhaps he'll be one, too :)


One of my favorites...


We decided to get a quick snapshot of Rowan and her new friend :) Her head is so big compared to his!

(They both look like they're saying "WHAT is going on here?!")

Ah :) I love this little guy and his parents.


I wish you the best, Heather, John, and baby Jack <3