Engaged: Lydia + Kevin

There are always relationships that develop over time. You know what I'm talking about. Two people who know each other for a significant amount of time, but it takes some time to get everything going. Lydia and Kevin have known each other as friends for years. And finally - to the sheer delight of their family and friends - they fell in love and are now getting married in July 2012!

Every single thing in the shoot screams their personalities and lives. I absolutely love when clients strategically stylize their shoots to best reflect them. Since Kevin is a firefighter, they used their hookup at the Pompano Beach Fire Museum to bring out firetrucks from the 1920's (!!!) that we could use. Lydia loves cupcakes, so she brought a custom gourmet cupcake from her favorite bakery to incorporate. Little details like this are something only the client can draw out of themselves and makes the shoot so much more interesting and personalized.






And honestly... the photo below is my personal favorite - a test shot, of all things. Obviously, Lydia and Kevin aren't in focus and there any photo critic would mark a bunch of technicalities, but I love this photo most because a crazy old homeless man (Santa in disguise?) is staring at me because I'm acting like a fool behind the camera AND Lydia and Kevin totally let loose and danced. My main goal when I get to spend a couple hours with anyone I photograph is to get them to let loose and have fun. And because of that, flattering photos are a natural a byproduct of our fun time together. This photo was a win for me - not because it's technically good... but it reaffirmed that I absolutely, positively love what I do.





I would also love to thank Robert Brantley publicly. Rob came out at Kevin's request to run the old firetrucks, give me a tour of the property, and just make sure I was safe and didn't kill myself (but he didn't know that part). I learned in conversation that he gave his personal time to rebuild the old Pompano Beach firetrucks from long ago, so they wouldn't be forgotten. He also is helping curate different relics from old-time Pompano Beach to contribute to the museum. People like Rob are few and far between. They give up their free time to pour themselves into a project that will far outlive their lifetime. Rob retired a week after this shoot. The world is better because of people like him, and for this, I am thankful.




Lydia and Kevin, thank you for this unique opportunity to capture your lives. Marriage is a journey that is so incredibly wonderful - I can't wait until July 2012 :)