Engaged: Yessenia + Josh

[or so she thought]

It was one of those typical nights at Christ Fellowship youth group. Kids were taking their seats and talking amongst themselves before the band started. Just a typical night... or so Yessenia thought. Josh walked up to his guitar on stage and started playing the first worship song and Yessenia was instantly intrigued.

"Who is that worship leader band kid?" she thought. "He's super cute." 

Shy because she was a little younger than him, she just admired him and eyed him from afar, thinking he wouldn't really notice her... or so Yessenia thought. They eventually started dating and got really serious about each other. She loved the twinkle in his eyes when he laughed, he loved her big, confident smile. 

Things kept progressing. Josh's twin brother Chris and sister-in-law Natasha got married in March. Still not engaged, Josh and Yessenia both were in the wedding party, and the big question to them was: "When are you guys next?!" They really didn't know what to say. Yessenia thought the plans to get engaged were still a bit further down the road... or so she thought. Josh proposed to Yessenia in July of this year, and they plan to get hitched in December. 

And lucky upon lucky, they chose me to do their engagement photos! I had an absolute blast with them. Photography really shouldn't be THIS easy...






It was a VERY cloudy day for most of the shoot... but then the SUN came out. Yessenia, you are so fierce. Can't handle it.



I love black and white photos. The end.


Happy almost weekend, everyone!



[For those of you who will ask, Yessenia got that beautiful lace dress from Zara - so incredibly gorgeous. I would even see it as a short alternative to a traditional wedding dress. It's THAT fabulous, my friends.]