Seniors : Joanna

The other day, I made two ingredient pumpkin muffins. I know, I know. Two ingredients? I must be on crack. Or at least that's what you're thinking. But no - it's true. I stumbled across this easy recipe from Pinterest and made them twice for people - and they were a HIT. I added cream cheese frosting on the top with a sprinkle of nutmeg... and it was absolutely delectable. This kind of recipe makes you feel you're a baking dream (for a not-so-baker like me). Could it possibly be that easy? Yes. Yes, it could.

Some photo shoots I do are just a piece of cake. The lighting is perfect, the weather behaves. Weather is so critical to what I do, and it helps me reflect my style best when it behaves. Sometimes, magic happens.

And on Joanna's shoot, all of the above came true. 

Joanna is now studying at Liberty University in Lynchberg, VA, majoring in English and minoring in Women's Ministry. She has two loves of her life - her golden retriever, Buddy, and her handsome boyfriend, Ben. I love her self-deprecating sense of humor and this girl has maturity beyond her years. Not only that, but her fiery red hair matches her spitfire personality :) And let's just state the obvious - she is GORGEOUS. 





Loved this shoot, loved this girl. The end.