Formspring, facebook, and dust.

GUYS!! I absolutely can't believe I'm writing this in the beginning of September. This is crazytown. Having a little babe sure speeds up time... and I also can't stomach the fact that CHRISTMAS is three months away! And Thanksgiving is two months away! And Thanksgiving for our family means.... getting a CHRISTMAS TREE! Oh happy day. Writing "christmas tree" in all caps just made me super stoked for the next few months. Can you feel the excitement?! 

No? Well, how about this...


Speaking of being super-stoked and excited, I have a couple fun, exciting things to announce. (ee!!)

1. Formspring

I have been getting a lot of questions about photography, mommyhood, ministry wife life, you name it from loads of different people. I absolutely adore answering questions about that stuff. Really, I do. However, lots of times they're via FB message or in person. This is fine, except I feel like it would be WAY more fun to have the Q&A's out in the open for all to benefit from. Now, I am NOT saying that I know everything or have it all together. Heck, I'm a newbie mom, a ministry wife of only three years, and have been chasing my photography dream as a profession for almost three years. Not much. 

HOWEVER. Information is meant to be shared, and I'm an open book. A rising tide lifts all ships. It doesn't make sense to keep information to yourself when you might have the potential to help others. This is where Formspring comes in - I haven't used it in a year, but I opened it back up for questions again. You can ask questions anonymously (or non-anonymously) and I'll answer them on that page! Simple as that. If I help even one person, I'll be happy.

2. Facebook

Pretty much, I gave in and got a Facebook page for my photography. I've had my personal page for 5 years now, and it was about time I made a separate one for my work by itself. So, help a sister out and give me a "LIKE". Then tell all your friends, family, and their friends and family to do the same. That would rule.

3. Website Construction

I'm slowly moving things around on my website, so I apologize if things aren't where they usually are, or if a page doesn't exist anymore. I'm doing some re-thinking of the layout and will be getting a new header soon, so please excuse my dust while I figure things out! 

Blog posts are always better with photos (and that's what you came here for anyway!). This was a photo I took on the streets of NYC on me and Jimmy's babymoon in October of last year. I love the general tones of this picture. Oh, and the Asian guy who's giving me the stink eye.

Happy Friday!