Beca C.

I have know Beca a long -- LONG -- time. I probably met her when she was fourteen years old. She had a Nikon D50 wrapped around her hand at all times and created the most beautiful images. At fourteen. How a fourteen year old could posess so much talent, I don't know.

Truth be told, she inspired me to pick up a camera again. I was on a three year hiatus from doing aything photography [can we say burnout?] and couldn't help but try again after I saw her beautifully crafted images. She inspired me to try again, and I love her for that. We have kept in contact through the years, and now I consider a wonderful friend. We meet up every so often and spur each other on to making ourselves, our businesses, better.

At the end of last year, we swapped. I needed some photos updated for my site, and so did she, so we charged downtown Hollywood. If you look at the top of my website, you'll see her take! Do you not LOVE them?

{I had some fun and added a filmy cross-processed feel to the editing of these, aside from my norm.}




Beca. I love you. And I was absolutely honored/flattered you asked me to do this for you.