Purchase Family

Yes. I'm going to be that girl and show off my in-laws/family on my blog. Jimmy's brother Eddie and his wife, Chelsey, just recently had a little one named Marshall Edward. And I looooooove him. He is such a little character. 

I was honored when they asked me to do their family portraits. I love photographing my family and my in-laws, because it allows me to contribute to our family history in a tangible way.

As I continue pursuing this photography journey, I am coming to realize that it is of the upmost importance that people take a break from their normal daily activities once in awhile and get a moment, a time in their family history, frozen in time to enjoy throughout the years. 

Marshall is five months old now, and he is expressive, curious, and loves anything that he can enjoy in a tactile way (he loved when the wind blew in his face). Most of all, if any kid has rockstar hair like Marshall does, it needs to be documented for the masses to view. Out of sheer jealousy. 

I love this family.


If someone asked me to show them a photo of what a joy motherhood is... I would show them this photo below. Chels, you're a breathtaking mommy. :)






Hope life has been treating you all well lately, like it has me.