Gift Guide for the City Guy

Christmas is almost here, and hopefully all of you have your gifts bought and ready to go. To put it lightly... I just started shopping THIS WEEK. Busyness or procrastination, call it what you want... I do better under pressure. 

For the longest time, I used to absolutely dread this time of year, because my husband is a little hard to shop for. Now that we've been together four years today (!!), I have a pretty good sense of his style and things that he would love, but it used to be so hard! Why, you may ask? Those of you who know my husband know that he has very particular interests. He watches sports occasionally, and would probably appreciate a tie (or at least the thought), but let's be real. There's a new type of guy out there. Let's call him the modern gentleman, if you will.

If you are dating, engaged, or married to one of these guys and are at a loss as to what to buy him, hopefully some of these suggestions help :)


1// Custom Library Stamp

 If your guy is an avid reader and has started a collection, chances are he would LOVE a custom library stamp to give those beloved books that extra personal touch if they're borrowed by someone else. I love this stamp from Besotted Brand.


2// Men's Bag

A man's bag has to be just right, in my opinion. My husband used to prefer backpacks, now he carries a Brooklyn Industries bag. There are many bags out there to choose, but some of these bags just look cool and smart, yanno? Everlane has some great bags on their website right now, for a reasonable cost. I adore the Snap Backpack. 

If your husband is a videographer or photographer, I'd recommend the Kelly Moore Thirst Relief bag. Isn't this bag to die for? SO MANY COMPARTMENTS -- and customizable too!


3// Print for the office or at home

I'm loving the artwork that has been coming out the last year that has really focused on cities in general. CityFabric has these incredible prints of the neighborhoods of select cities around the world. If city life inspires you in general, how amazing would it be to have a print like this in your space? 



4// Pint Glass [from their favorite brewery]

My husband is a little bit of a beer connoisseur... no generic Budweiser or Miller for him. He likes obscure microbrews that no one has ever heard of. When we went to NYC, we toured the Brooklyn Brewery, which turned out to be his favorite beer on tap. If we were thinking straight, we probably would've snagged a pint glass from the shop. If your guy is similar, perhaps a pint glass from their favorite beer company would do the trick :)


5// iPhone case

Make every accessory count! Our phones are whipped out at all times... why not make them a cool statement piece? I've been loving J. Crew's leather iPhone case and these cool Jack Spade (Kate Spade's counterpart) iPhone cases lately... 


6// Modern Reading Light

When you read, you want to have a clear head and be in a relaxed, inspiring environment. Part of that is taking steps to make your reading experience very personalized by making your reading space your own. This lamp from Restoration Hardware pretty much slays you with coolness. Let's be honest. [AND it's on clearance!]


And there you have it! This was a quick guide for sure, but thought it might help shed some light for those of us whose husbands are a little harder to shop for :)