Mahoney Family

The Mahoneys are a sweet, sweet family that I was able to meet recently. They came to our photo session relaxed and game for anything. As we went along downtown Fort Lauderdale, Rachelle and little Caedin started pitching ideas at me. Wonderful, fun ideas that we ran with. I love collaborating and having tons of fun in the short time I spend with a family, and the Mahoneys made it almost too easy.

I had a wonderful time talking with Rachelle through this whole process. She is in the middle of battling her second bout with brain cancer. Although she could feel defeated (and she has the right to be), she is the most positive, radiant woman in the midst everything going on around her. And doesn't she have a sweetest little family?

Caedin loves guns, sour worms, and skittles. He thinks his dad is the coolest. He's also a little comedian and says the funniest things! I loved hanging out with this little dude.

Rachelle, you're beautiful. Your heart is beautiful. Your family is beautiful. I am so thankful we got to meet.

Rachelle is currently trying to raise funds for brain cancer research by doing the "Angels Among Us" 5K family run/walk, powered by Duke Cancer Institute. Will you consider supporting her and help the fight against brain cancer?

Here is the webpage specifically linked to Rachelle and her team :)