You. The one who jumps up and down in your crib with glee when I come get you in the morning. The you who downs ice cream like it's no one's business. The adventurous spirit that pursues and fixates on the tiniest thing on the floor until you get it between your chubby fingers.

You. The cuddler. The snuggler. The one who clings to the bottom of my pants to remain steady on her feet (for now).

You. The one who changed my entire life in one moment, with one glance at your writhing, discontent, little red body. The one who kept me up at night and pushed my exhaustion to the limit that I never thought I could reach. The one who I loomed over in wee hours of the night, just to watch you breathe.

You. The sloppy, wet kisses on my cheek and the clingy puff I found on my dress at the end of the day. The little toe prints on my kitchen floor. The mound of toys in the TV room I clean up every. single. night. All you. 

You. The strong-willed, sweet girl you are... I pray for you every day. I pray for compassion, kindness, and gratitude to be your life line, your go-to. I pray for God - Jesus Christ - to be so REAL and so tangible to you at a young age that you wouldn't even recall a day where you weren't a child in God's family.

I loved our first year together. I will love the next one even more.

I love you, Rowan Elisabeth.

I love YOU.