Fil + Alexandra

Friendships always get richer, better with time. There are awkward eras, nights where you laugh so hard you can barely breathe, and millions upon millions of words exchanged between two friends throughout the years. History among friends is a treasure, and a privilege. It doesn't happen very often.

Fil has been in my husband's life since 5th grade, and has been in and out of both our lives for close to a decade. He came down from Pensacola on a trip one weekend. When he let on about a girl he had started talking to (Alex), his slight smile revealed everything. And that's Fil... subtle and meaningful. From that moment on, I knew Alex was different. And special.

They're engaged to be married now, and I am so thankful I will know these two for the rest of my life as a couple, and as better... together.

Fil and Alex, I absolutely love what love looks like to you. I am beyond thrilled that you both have found joy and happiness in each other. I can't wait for December.