Noel + James: Expecting

When I was pregnant, it didn't feel real until I was sitting in my insurance office one day, posting checks to patient accounts. And then...


No. Wait. It couldn't be. Sit still, wait longer.


I felt her. My little girl. MY LITTLE GIRL. (!)

New life is beyond exciting and downright scary. The preparation, the anticipation. Making checkpoints. Turning the page on the weekly calendar. The "what if's" and all the things you swear you're going to do, and all the plans you make for things going just right. The first three months are a toss-up and it's always hard to predict how they're going to go. I learned [the hard way] that the best thing to do is to listen to your baby and go with the flow.

I met Noel and James at the beach last weekend to capture a very special moment in their lives. The smell of salt, sunlight, and deteriorating wood walkways surrounded us while we easily moved along the shoreline. After spending a few hours together, I have no doubt in my mind that Noel is going to be the most easygoing, radiant mommy. Her sweetness and "whatever it takes" view on life is going to serve her well when James IV arrives. The sparkles that appear in her eyes when she laughs will no doubt capture her little one, as it already has her husband James. James III and James IV will no doubt have lots of boisterous fun together.

Lots of sweet memories await this little family... many family trips to Hurricanes games, fishing with dad, and lots of Starbucks drive-thru trips with mom ;)

Noel, you glow. I love that the joy and excitement of mommyhood didn't wait long to radiate from your smile. You have been given a wonderous little gift, and you are embracing it and rocking it to the ten thousandth degree. I am so excited for your new adventure as parents!