Mike + Sarah: 25 Years

Ah, college. The place of fresh, exciting adventures and meeting new people. Sometimes in the most unexpected places... like Accounting class at Florida State University. Sarah studied hard for tests and always set high standards for herself. When she got her test back, she had the second best score in the class... but not first. Being extremely competitive, her eyes scanned the classroom and wondered, "Who beat me?". Never to find out, she let it go.

On a random afternoon, she met this guy. Mike. He had a sweet, quiet disposition, which offset Sarah's fiery, spunky side. Whenever he was amused by something she said, light danced in his eyes and a sneaky dimple appeared. Knowing they were in the same Accounting class, Sarah asked Mike what he got on that test. You know, awhile back. When he uttered his test score, it clicked. "It was you! YOU beat me!", she exclaimed. Impressive. This guy was really smart. It intrigued Sarah enough to go out with him a couple times... and a couple more... and then they eventually decided to be together. Forever.

They now have two beautiful girls, Mari and Kate, both in college at FSU (where else?). When I asked Mike and Sarah how they're liking life after the kids left home, their response was overwhelming. "We LOVE it! It's just like college all over again!". Mike and Sarah are celebrating 25 wonderful years together this year, and they are stronger than ever.

Mike and Sarah - thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be the one to catch this moment in time for you. I wish you many more fun, happy years together.