In the middle of March, Jimmy and I took a trip to New York City for four days to refuel, relax, and just be together. To be quite honest, the most relaxing thing to my husband is city life and coffee. The most relaxing thing for me is shopping. We would probably drive anyone crazy if they were with us. We have an extremely loose agenda, we block ourselves from social media, pack up our film cameras, and wander around without a clear destination. We packed up some Fuji Velvia film and Fuji Reala film in our Canon AE-1 and had it wherever we went.

The first time we went to NYC [October 2010], I was 5 months pregnant and wasn't up to the 8 hour/day walking, but I still did it. I was excited to descend on the city again without any limitations. We walked. And walked. Ate Lombardi's. And walked. And walked some more.

I loved our lazy conversations that laced in and out of our trip, accompanied by coffee, cool air, and getting lost in the city with my beloved.

Here are some photos from our trip :) 

{All photos in this post were SOOC ("straight out of camera" - meaning, there was no post-processing or additional editing done to enhance them.). The red-tinted photos are Velvia, the cool-toned photos are Reala.}