Robert + Gabriela: Engaged

It was on a signature South Florida evening with a giant blue sky and a steady breeze where I finally met Gabriela and Robert. We had been emailing about this day back and forth for quite some time, and I was excited to finally put faces to the people I had corresponded with for so long. The scent of salt water from the marina and seafood from Monty's laced the air as I waited patiently. As they jumped out of the car, quickly embraced me, and started sharing their vision for our time together, I knew I had a very special couple to photograph.

In any life event, family and friends are absolutely vital. There are so many intricate details to a wedding and a lot of support that is required of the bride and groom's family. As Gabriela and Robert stepped out of the car, Gabriela's parents, Robert's mother, AND - wait for it - Gabriela's entire bridal party also joined us! All were there to show their support and cheer them on as they got their photos taken. They held outfits, props, and even fed me strawberries in between shots (I kid you not - this was the best day of my life). I have also decided that I need a strawberry carrier for my photo shoots from now on. ;)

Gabriela and Robert have a story much like my own. They met when they were very young. When Robert finally mustered up the courage to ask Gabi out, she was thrilled! Not only were they together, but they became the best of friends. Gabi was quickly taken with his subtle nature, and he adored her free, artistic spirit and beautiful smile she flashed at him when she was over-the-moon happy. All the way down to inside jokes and sweet nicknames, they have it all. Gabi's mom put it so well -- she whispered to me as I was shooting with a tear in her eye, "They are the best of friends... and now they are the best of lovers. Gabi and Robert are so special."

By the end of the shoot, I felt loved like a family member. This wedding is going to be fun, crazy, and LOUD - just the way weddings should be.

Gabriela and Robert, you two are so very special and I wish you all the best of luck in your beautiful future together!





Although it was practically dark, I wanted to take a photo of the fun and crazy caravan we had that night!