Steven + Naomi: Expecting

Steven and Naomi are no strangers to challenges. For most of their dating life, they were miles and miles apart. Across the country, across California, you name it. Once these two finally got married, they packed up their things and moved to Miami from California to allow Steven to pursue the residency program for Podiatry that he is in now.

After a few years of being together at last, they are now expecting a little girly!! Oh, how I just adore little girls. All the shopping on Etsy for hair bands, all the sparkle and pink... I love it all. One thing that I can't get enough of from my clients is that they tend to be planners and organizers... and Naomi is just that. Once we had a date confirmed, she booked her hair appointment at Blo in Coral Gables, decided on Vizcaya for the photos, and got to shopping for her outfits. She is a little stylista and I can't wait to see how that is passed down to her baby girly when she arrives!

Naomi and Steven, you two will be rockstar parents. And I can't WAIT to meet your little princess!




I think the most endearing thing about this couple is how they can just let loose and make each other LAUGH.