My top 5 camera apps

Ever since I've gotten an iPhone and Instagram took off, I've been obsessed with mixing and matching camera apps to process the photos on my phone. It's definitely trial and error, but I think I've found my top five... and I'm going to share them with you!

These apps are definitely available in the Apple store on your iPhone - some may or may not be Droid friendly. Which pretty much means... you gotta switch over to the dark side if you want some of these. ;)

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Here we go!


My fab sister Kelsey in front of Forever 211// Instagram [FREE]

Instagram is similar to a Twitter status feed, but just with pictures. It's the best way to network with other friends to see and comment on their pictures on your feed. There are numerous filters and frames, and it also has a fun tilt-shift option near the top that I use all the time.

I love using Instagram's filters, but I can also take photos from other camera apps in my photo album and import them into Instagram for others to see. I love this app SO MUCH! AND it's FREE. Can't beat that!

My favorite IG people to follow: @taza, @promisetangeman, @thezoereport (Rachael Zoe), and @sisiliapiring.






At C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale at an Instagram Art Gallery2// VSCO cam [$.99]

I use VSCO presets for Lightroom to process my regular DSLR photos... the same geniuses that came up with that also launched a camera app that allows you to use similar presets for your iPhone photos. All of the filters emulate a certain kind of camera film, which I loooove.

It's also SUPER customizable. To give you an example, you can adjust exposure, add grain or fill light, and throw a vignette on a photo in no time. It's definitely not a "one and done" camera app like Instagram is - you will need to play around with it to find the magic touch. It's well worth the work and patience.






On our way to celebrate July 4th - my absolute FAVORITE holiday!3// Lomora 2 [$1.99]

There is a type of photography called "lomography", which is a film photography done with toy cameras and are typically bright and punchy when they process. This app is reminiscent of that idea, and I have taken some of my favorite sky and city scape photos with this app. There are tons of films to choose from such as the legendary Sensia, Provia, and Ektachrome (I believe I shot this with the R/B film).

Of all the apps I have, this one probably shoots the clearest photos and gives the most definition to the photos I take. :)







Making the all-famous Purchase family salsa!4// Hipstamatic [$.99]

In Lomography (as explained above), there are rules... one of the rules is "shoot from the hip" (see Rule #4). Meaning, change your perspective a little once in awhile. And the "Hipstamatic" app name pays homage to that rule.

This app has different films and lenses, so you can mix and match to achieve your favorite look. Also, Hipstamatic will give out free extra, unique films if you sign up for their emails and actually open them. I've gotten some cool B&W ones for free!

I don't always shoot from the hip, but this photo on your right is a hip shot of when I made the famous, ever-secret Purchase family salsa. Jealous yet? ;)





On location with Rowan for a Carter's shoot in January!

5// Polyframe Lite [FREE]

Sometimes, it takes more than one photo to tell a story and you don't want to flood your Instagram feed. This app is a fun little app that lets you combine your photos into one!

My favorite thing is that you can round edges, and make your own shapes with the photos!








What are YOUR favorite camera apps?!