Ryan McInerney: TechShepherd

There are times I'm contacted to do things that I've never attempted. Photos of a CEO/President of a company is something I was asked to consider recently that I decided to tackle. When I did my research in preparation for this project, at least in my opinion, corporate photos usually scream out one thing: B O R I N G. 

I asked myself this one question: How can I put a personal twist on it so it's not stuffy, sterile, and boring?!

... I turned to fashion and branding. As a hobby, I love leafing through JCrew and H&M catalogs and paying attention to high fashion brands (Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger) to see how their male models are positioned and what they're doing. Corporate + fashion? Could that work? ... and that was the twist.

To start, I collaborated with Ryan heavily on wardrobe because clothes speak. In Men's fashion, fit and details are king. In addition, we had a discussion on his desired market and what he wanted his clothes (and ultimately, his photos) to say to his potential clientele. He also very emphatic on wanting a HUGE Boca Raton relaxed flare.

I think we did a good job.



Ryan's Company is TechShepherd. Check them out here!


Hope you all are well...