Boesch Family

The diversity, love, and chaos that you experience when you meet a foster or adoptive family is a feeling unlike any other. Foster and adoptive families are a good time. In South Florida, I've been blessed to meet many families that have decided to take children in unfortunate family circumstances and love them like their own. Although this is a blessing, this family calling is not easy - there is lots of potential for heartbreak when things don't go as planned. But, sometimes... things go right. And new, permanent families are created out of this gift.

Meet the Boesch family. 

John and Megan were foster parents to Eli and Isaiah for quite a long time and finally, the opportunity came to adopt these little ones as their own. They traveled all the way down from Virginia (their residence) to the Broward County Courthouse to make this happen. 

In the courtroom, there were many witnesses and friends present. John, Megan, Eli, and Isaiah have been on quite a journey. All friends and family spoke with a personal story about these two boys and their road to becoming a part of this family. There were lots of tears and beaming smiles.

As time goes on, I realize that the DNA for families are all created differently. Biological, adoptive, foster, whatever. They are all good and perfect and right. I was so honored to be able to witness this amazing family finally be declared as a legal family. Bound to one another. For life. 

Freezing time for families brings me the richest satisfaction. 

Hope you all are well.




(p.s. - Exciting announcement for the holidays coming soon!)