Baltimore Wedding: Steven + Charity

At the end of August, I had the special treat of attending a wedding in Baltimore, MD for my friend Charity that I have known since I was TWO MONTHS OLD. This basically means there hasn't been a minute in my finite remembrance where she hasn't been in my life. (Does that blow your mind? It just blew mine.) 

Oh, internet. There are so. many. stories.

We were the losers in 5th grade. We did gymnastics together. We played pranks on kids together at youth group. Got in trouble. Took our church sanctuary captive and sang loudly and danced to songs AND performed them... in public. We also took a road trip together from Maryland to Niagara Falls and back -- and our chaperones (her gracious Aunt Patty and Uncle Dana) -- didn't kill us. How we made it out of high school alive still baffles me.

Now, I was able to witness one of the most important days in her life and meet her other half: Steven. These two are perfect for each other. Not only do they balance each other out, but they make each other the best version of each other when they're together. They do great and purposeful things as a team.  That? That's love.

This weekend trip blessed my heart. I got to see lots of familiar faces and catch up with some people I'll continue to know for my lifetime.

Steven and Charity, I love you two. Together. Can't wait to see what's in store for your relationship... and to see where God takes you next! (hold on!)




Charity and Steve's little family... Jordan and Shaquille (both 16 years old) were added to their family a couple years ago, and they're an integral part of their everyday life. These boys are blessed to have this couple rooting them on.

And last but not least... my favorite candid photos from the reception :)

A note: For those of you who are saying, "Hey! Wait! She doesn't shoot weddings!" Well... you're right. I'm currently not accepting weddings at this time because of the busyness of my current stage of life. I did, however, bring my camera up with me and was able to capture some portraits for them off the cuff. Hope you enjoyed them :)  ox, e