Expecting: Megan + Phil

On one of the prettiest evenings we’ve had so far this Fall, I had to chance to sneak away to the beach and meet Megan and Phil and create some photographs together. They’re brand new to the South Florida area and heard about me through some friends (Hi, Noel! xoxo!). It was one of the most fun shoots I have done this year in terms of the hilarious company, and also one of the most inspiring.

Megan and Phil have been through a tornado of life changes (they met, dated, got engaged, and married… all within a YEAR). They recently moved down to South Florida, and now, sweet little Parker Nathaniel is on his way! He is due mid-December and I am beyond excited to meet this little miracle baby!

Yes, miracle.

In the beginning of Megan’s pregnancy, she went to the doctor after feeling not quite right and was told her body was actively preparing for a miscarriage. All the signs were there. Her womb was silent and no heartbeat was found. Megan and Phil were completely devastated.

On the day they planned to go to the doctor and take care of the miscarriage, Megan and Phil’s hearts were in turmoil about the procedure. Not feeling quite right, they made a team decision to take a non-invasive approach instead and allow her body to take care of it naturally. They got sent home.

Well… nothing happened.



At the follow up appointment, there was a heartbeat. There was a kicking, breathing sweet little boy. There was Parker Nathaniel Milakovic.

Miracles do happen. And I’m proud to share this one with you today.