The Westfall Family

I have loved Mary Kate and Ashley probably my whole life. It doesn't matter how old I get, I still can't get enough of them! I probably saw every movie and Full House episode. I even dreamed of being a twin my whole life! The closest thing I have is when people often mistake me and my sister Kelsey as twins - which I love. Haha!

I had the opportunity to photograph two adorable 13 year old girlies named Emily and Katie recently and I have to admit, I totally had a huge Mary Kate and Ashley gush moment. I was so excited when their mother, Ginger, requested a family shoot with the focus being on these two! We had a blast. These girls are hilarious! I loved their banter and how they tried their absolute hardest to irritate one another. Deep down, they're some serious sister love going on (whether they refuse to acknowledge it yet or not). And Ginger and Michael just stole my heart. They're just about the sweetest couple who are obviously totally in love with their girls. This photoshoot made me eagerly look forward to how my daughter, Rowan, will be at this age. I can't wait!