Laura West

It's about time I bring you up to date with some of my favorite shoots from the past couple of months. One of my favorites in particular, is the adventure me and Laura West went on in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for her graduation photos. See ya later, FAU! :)

One of my favorite things Laura has ever done for me - out of the KINDNESS OF HER HEART - is brought me a bar of chocolate from her workplace. She works at the Trump Hotel not too far from where I am and she knows I'm absolutely obsessed with the reality show "The Apprentice", featuring Donald Trump. She is one of the sweetest (and most talented) people I know, hands down. She's assisted with me at a wedding before and her support and talent was so valuable to me.

But today, I get to show her off. :)

[Um, ps... Her makeup, you guys. CAN YOU EVEN? Laura's good friend Cristen Smith did her hair and makeup. You need to hire this girl.]