Ordination: Steve Tamayo

It's not too often that I post personal things on here anymore (I really should write more) - however, I had the honor of documenting a few photos for the church plant (Crossway Church) that my husband and I are apart of. This past Sunday, we had an ordination service for one of our staff members - Steve Tamayo.

I can remember what a pivotal moment it was years ago at my husband's ordination service to receive that blessing and acknowledgement of his (really, your) commitment to ministry and heart for the church. Many influential people who had shaped Jimmy over the years were able to pray over him. It really was a beautiful moment.

My husband and I are insanely lucky to know Steve and his wife, Amy. Not only are they hilarious and fun, but they have a deep commitment to the local church and the people that they minister to on a daily basis. They are two of the most loyal, non-judgemental people on the planet. They are good listeners. They offer sound, godly advice. They are wonderful parents to their two boys, and talented team mates in ministry. It's a privilege to know them.

We are proud of you, Steve (and Amy). The best is yet to come!