The Magnumm Family

Almost exactly two years ago, I was able to meet Sebastian - a sweet, adventurous toddler who was just learning to talk. We had a fabulous, fabulous time doing his birthday photos. Sebastian's mother, Monika, recently reached out to me again because of a new little addition in their family! To be invited back into a home of a client that I've known before is the highest honor - and even makes the process easier the second time around :)

This time, I did photos here and there of the whole family. I could go on and on about how Christian is just his own little man - already - at seven weeks old... but you'll be able to see that for yourself once you get down to the photo where he's holding up his strong little neck all by himself. This kid is going places! You can already tell determined and persistant are already words that will follow him for the rest of his precious, little life.


Boys and their toys... especially dinosaurs. :)